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Ufone is Going to Launch 4G/LTE in Pakistan

Yes, you heard it right. Ufone is launching its 4G/LTE services in Pakistan, we have checked with our sources.

We are getting reports that Ufone’s 4G services are already made available for customers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Ufone has confirmed ProPakistani about the development.

Twitter users in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are already noticing Ufone 4G/LTE services.

The company claimed that 3G speeds – if service quality is maintained – are sufficient for users in Pakistan. However, with this new decision, it seems that the company is all set to test new waters, mainly because it thinks that the 4G market is ripe now and 4G handset penetration has improved as well, making the overall ecosystem feasible enough to invest in 4G/LTE.

While many will question how Ufone is launching 4G with no new spectrum or license, the company claims that it has obtained all the mandatory regulatory approvals to launch 4G/LTE in Pakistan.

This essentially means that the company will be launching 4G services within its currently available spectrum.

We were concerned about the total available spectrum with Ufone as the service quality for 2G and 3G customers could be impacted if Ufone’s limited spectrum is further split up to offer 4G services as well.